It pretty much all began in 1999 when Jeff Jacobs bought the old Ford showroom at 911 Race Street. He had a plan for turning it into condominiums. The little building that COULD turn Cincinnati's downtown around! That building sold out in 8 days, the developers took a second look at the city and wondered what that was all about. One development team did step up to the plate: Middle Earth Developers. They proceeded over the next 6 years to convert 3 historic buildings into condos and are currently building a new glass and steel condo project, all in the heart of downtown.

Naturally, there were city dwellers before 1999 - we had many apartment buildings, some quite large in fact, like the Shillito Lofts and One Lytle Place. We also had some real urban pioneers who had lived in the city for many years: the likes of Patrick Korb, Bob Manley and John Schneider. These 3 were truly the spokespeople for our city and the lifestyle of an urban dweller.

NOW we have over 1,000 condo units being built on both sides of the river, in downtowns Cincinnati, Newport and Covington. All of these river city units can be reached by walking across 3 bridges of choice, allowing the new urbanists to visit each other and support business in all 3 locations. Have dinner on one side and walk to the movies on the other. Life is great! And the lifestyle just gets better with each passing month, as new people move in, established businesses start opening their doors on Saturdays and Sundays, and new services come downtown to take care of us all. Did you know that some grocers in town will deliver to your condo and PUT THE FOOD in your refrigerator!??!, not the red wine. Just the perishables and the white!

Downtowners live busy lives and are constantly on the "go".  Most are condo or apartment dwellers who don't want to make a career out of household chores. They are successful at their work - they enjoy fine dining - and love their leisure time to be TRULY leisure.  It only makes sense that they place themselves just footsteps away from the best of the best. 

So... from 4 units on Race Street to thousands today, we've made history in our Cincinnati. We've proven there's life downtown and we're satisfying a very definite desire for many, many people throughout the Tri-State area. 


Now is the time! If you're looking to buy downtown and haven't found what you're looking for, please give us a call! We can't wait to show you the fabulous homes, lofts and condos that are popping up all over downtown. These are spectacular places and spaces that will blow you away! Really. From four bedroom houses in Prospect Hill to open-living floor plans in Over-the-Rhine we will help you find exactly what you are looking for in a home. We even have multi-family buildings in all of our urban neighborhoods.

Downtown is really returning to the "place to be" around the clock and these neighborhoods have more to offer literally every day! It's truly impossible not to get swept away in this kind of contagious atmosphere.